Veterinary Hospital House Vet is a differentiated institution in the provision of excellent veterinary services located in Paço de Arcos, in the municipality of Oeiras, next to Oeiras Parque.

House Vet has a team of several accredited veterinarians who are the basis of trust for the thousands of customers who regularly visit the Hospital. It is endowed with all the necessary physical and human conditions for the full execution of the various services it provides.

With the initial opening of the Veterinary Office in 1980, by Dr. Francisco Brites Fernandes, the Veterinary Hospital House Vet has been growing and has become a Veterinary Center of reference, based on the mission of promoting health, well-being and quality of life for all the animals it receives.

It favors a professional, careful and personalized service, through the provision of quality veterinary care, honesty and transparency.


House Vet is located next to Oeiras Parque.


Next to House Vet, you can find a fee big parking lot to park your car.


Our mission is to promote well-being and quality of life, above all, for animals and their owners, because how you live is more important than how you live.

Based on good communication during the consultation, the decisions made are shared with the tutors.


  • General consultation
  • Emergencies
  • Specialties
  • Nursing consultations and treatments at home
  • Hospitalization and intensive care
  • Surgery
  • Complementary exams
  • Disease screening
  • Vaccines
  • Allergology analysis
  • Detartarization
  • Hematology
  • Funeral services


Opening Hours

Appointments available from 9am to 9pm.

Emergency Service

24-hour emergency service, every day of the year.

Tel. 214 411 252

Parking Lot

Next to House Vet there is a huge free parking space.


1980 - Opening

Dr. Francisco Brites Fernandes opens one of the first veterinary offices in the municipality of Oeiras, more precisely in Tapada do Mocho, Paço de Arcos, giving it his own name.

2003 - Name change

Dr. Francisco Brites Fernandes founded the company CVPA – Centro Veterinário de Paço de Arcos, thus changing the name of the practice.

2004 - Change of management

In February, Dr. Francisco Brites Fernandes retired, being succeeded by Dr. Pedro Canastreiro and Dr. Dora Canastreiro. Opening hours and the range of services are extended and an emergency service is created.

2011 - New Facilities

Given the growth that has occurred since 2004, there is a need to move to larger facilities, which happens in February 2011. It is at that time that the company CVPA creates the House Vet brand, which gives the name to the current Medical Care Center Veterinarian. House Vet now has hospital facilities and a team of 9 veterinarians, offering a wide range of services, with extended opening hours.

2017 - Evolution to an Hospital

With the strong growth that has occurred since the change of facilities, the need to respond to customer needs and requests was felt, evolving into a hospital, with 24-hour service, every day of the year. The investment made in medical equipment, human resources, training, the expansion of the range of services, and the maturity and experience achieved over these years, have provided the conditions to respond to such requests. Thus, on November 1, 2017, House Vet became a Veterinary Hospital.

An Hospital for your animals

Há 15 anos que na House Vet diariamente cuidamos e tratamos de animais. Um centro de excelência de serviços veterinários, com uma equipa dedicada e apaixonada, que providencia os melhores cuidados de saúde a todos os animais que recebe. Trabalhamos com equipamentos e produtos de qualidade de topo, efetuamos exames com as melhores clínicas nacionais, e investimos em formação contínua por forma a servirmos da melhor forma todos os nossos clientes e cuidar melhor dos animais.

Dr.ª Dora Canastreiro

Diretora Clínica

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