House Vet has a spacious waiting room, divided into two separate areas for dogs and cats. In the cats’ waiting room, they do not have a view of the dogs, but of the street, and it is properly equipped to be “cat friendly”.

There is a spacious dog office that allows the comfort of dogs of any size, or even receive the whole “family”. There is also a cat clinic, with a “cat friendly” practice perspective.

We also have an imaging room, with digital x-ray and ultrasound, an operating room equipped with the most modern anesthesia and monitoring equipment, a laboratory, equipped with equipment that allows immediate results of blood tests (hematology, biochemistry, and endocrinology), and urine.

The hospitalization area is divided into 3 distinct rooms: dogs, cats and infectious diseases. It also has the support of a bathing and grooming room for the hygiene of hospitalized animals.

There is also another bathing and grooming room for routine grooming situations.